How can vertical jump higher ?

How can vertical jump higher ?
This 9 week, easy to follow
vertical jump technique training program involves no necessary weight
equipment or extreme plyometrics. It is considered the easiest and
fastest way to increase an athletes vertical leap by actually unlocking
the 3,6, 9+ inches of vertical leap locked inside of you right now that
remains hidden through improper jumping technique. Inside this 9 week
program you will find every single day mapped out for you. You simply
just do the program step by step, day by day, and witness the results!

What's really cool?
Your average workout in Vertical Jump Technique 3 will be less than 12
minutes long, and will not overtrain your body whatsoever, even if you
are weight lifting, doing other vertical jump programs, and skill
training, or are still in your sport's season!

With every
single workout you do, you will have a printable workout log to carry
with you. This will make sure that every exercise asked of you that day
is remembered, and checked off! Our athletes have found that every day
use of our provided workout log will bring you more results on your
vertical by just holding yourself accountable!

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Vertical Jump Training

This article contains a free Vertical Jump Training E-Book, with revolutionary breakthroughs in Vertical Jump Training, brought to you by an ex-NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach!. Vertical Jump Training is a big topic, always has been for tons of kids and upcoming basketball players around the world. Whether it is dunking or spiking the ball, it will always be one of the greatest sports achievements you can do. It is an amazing feeling to jump high and even more to dunk or spike it really well.
So how do you go about improving you vertical? Do you:
A) Follow a Vertical Jump Training DVD?
B) Get a piece of Vertical Jump Training equipment?
C) Hire a Vertical Jump Training Expert?
D) Follow regular online Vertical Jump Training workouts?
E) All of the above?
Each in it's own right is good. All obviously can give a kid everything they are looking for in regards to Vertical Jump Training. I see a lot of kids today follow a plyo program without learning the proper mechanics of jumping first, this is very dangerous and leads to injury. I teach proper jump/movement mechanics first and then and only then do I follow that up with jump training plyometrics.
Vertical Jump Training
You have many choices of how to get crazy hops: a Vertical Jump Training Book or DVD, a piece of Vertical Jump Training equipment, hire a Vertical Jump Training expert, follow regular online Vertical Jump Training workouts, or all of the above. Either way you go, there are 5 basic rules that you need to be aware of no matter what. You need to be able to apply these 5 rules to any and all of the choices above.
The 5 Golden Rules for Vertical Jump Training:
1. You must learn proper squatting and jumping technique, some basics;
► Knees track towards the big and second toe
► Chest and butt are out when in the squat / jump position
► Weight is even 50/50 on both sides of your body.
2. You must properly progress the Vertical Jump Training exercises. All levels from beginner to advanced need a proper challenge so they can continually improve. Not too much to cause injury, but also not too little so as to not improve vertical at all. But increase speed and challenge of jumps ONLY if you can maintain control of your movements.
►Slow jumping is low jumping, so getting off the ground quickly is key. But also, " Speed without control is a dangerous thing".
3. You must jump! train it and gain it, if you don't you won't. This is where an experienced instructor is essential so that you do not over train and become injured. As everyone is different your Vertical Jump Training program must have various levels, reps of jumping to fit all different levels. Progress jumping ONLY if you can maintain control of your alignment when jumping. Jumping high cannot be done with poor alignment, so get your basics down first!!
4. Jumping high is not just legs, it is a whole body movement. So training the entire body with full body, multi joint, dynamic, powerful exercises is extremely beneficial.
5. Daily: THINK, DREAM, VISUALIZE, FEEL and KNOW you are going to jump high and then follow the program and make it a reality!!!!
I can relate to all of you who want to jump high. When I was about 19 I was a good athlete, I played ball all the time and still had just an okay vertical, about 24 inches. But, like all young ball players everywhere, I wanted to dunk!! I began my quest to jump high. My decision came when I was growing frustrated by my lack of improvement in my jumping. In college I was about 5'10 and could barely touch the rim. I did everything by the books, all with my friends: squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, all the basics. My results, the same, barely touched the rim, but one thing did increase greatly: my frustration! I decided to change the way I trained for basketball, I found some great books on Russian Plyometrics and I began to jump, all types of jumps, I then added in the use my Dad's Lifeline USA resistance tubing in various ways to resist my jumping and sprinting. It was my first Vertical Jump Training program, but it was a good one, because it had years of knowledge and experience behind it, and had great progressions on jumps and resistances with the help of my Dad's Lifeline USA Cables.
My results? Stunning to say the least, my vertical began to rise and rise...literally. Within 3-4 months my vertical went from a modest 25" to an amazing 39", I was doing every dunk I could imagine and literally hitting my elbow on the rim! I was in heaven! That was 1984 and I was 21 years old. Today, at 44 years old I can still dunk, and proved that just last month.
Since that time my jump training methods have helps hundreds of young athletes reach their goals of dunking! Now it is even easier than ever. I have put my Vertical Jump Training E-book, DVD, Power Jumper (my favorite Jump Training equipment I developed many years ago) and now even have daily online Vertical Jump Training Workouts on website (!! You have the choices and knowledge at your fingertips with results that have proven incredible.
Want Proof? My Power Jumper was tested last summer with 18 high school boys ages 14 - 17 over the course of 10 weeks. It was the only piece of jump training equipment used and the following are the results of the tests:
Exercise Initial Test 10 week test Increase
Vertical Jump (avg) 21" 29" 8"
Greatest change 26" 36" 12"
Lowest change 20" 25'' 5"
*Power Jumper training for all athletes included was 3 times a week, 2 days intense plyometric jumps and 1 day lighter speed jumps and sprints.
Here is another testimonial for the Power Jumper, the best piece of Vertical Jump Training equipment on the market!
I have been dubbed as the most exciting dunker in the world and the Prince of the dunk. I am 5'8 and improved my vertical an amazing 13", up to an even more un-believable 51 inch vertical jump using the "Power Jumper"! The Power Jumper program is totally safe for young athletes, and because the program is flexible and progressive there is a lower possibility of Achilles and Patellar tendentious.
Jamillian Momon (Pro Basketball Player)
The proof is in the pudding and the results do speak for themselves.
Even if you look at the lowest results listed above, they are still very impressive for summer training. Jump Training has evolved and the Power Jumper proves it works. Now it is your turn to prove it yourself and join the thousands of people from all over the world who've improved dramatically following our Vertical Jump Training Ebook, DVD, Power Jumper & Program and now our daily online Vertical Jump Training Athlete workouts.
Jon Hinds, CNT Founder, CSCS, CPT, Former NBA Strength Coach, Trainer to the Stars, & inventor of the Power Jumper
Owner & Founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium

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