How can vertical jump higher ?

How can vertical jump higher ?
This 9 week, easy to follow
vertical jump technique training program involves no necessary weight
equipment or extreme plyometrics. It is considered the easiest and
fastest way to increase an athletes vertical leap by actually unlocking
the 3,6, 9+ inches of vertical leap locked inside of you right now that
remains hidden through improper jumping technique. Inside this 9 week
program you will find every single day mapped out for you. You simply
just do the program step by step, day by day, and witness the results!

What's really cool?
Your average workout in Vertical Jump Technique 3 will be less than 12
minutes long, and will not overtrain your body whatsoever, even if you
are weight lifting, doing other vertical jump programs, and skill
training, or are still in your sport's season!

With every
single workout you do, you will have a printable workout log to carry
with you. This will make sure that every exercise asked of you that day
is remembered, and checked off! Our athletes have found that every day
use of our provided workout log will bring you more results on your
vertical by just holding yourself accountable!

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  • What drill will give you full control of your body, even while you are in the air

  • You can gain inches on your vertical today without ever "working out" or lifting a weight!

  • How to jump like the professionat dunkers by breaking down their technique on camera

  • What rarely known "high jump" drill will add over 6" to your one foot vertical in a few days

  • Why 93% of athletes jump incorrectly costing them over 10" of vertical leap

What is a good vertical jump workout. I heard Air Alert was good but?

People say air alert hurts your knees.
I am going into my sophomore season in football playing 4th string receiver behind 3 seniors.
I want to get my vertical jump up by next year so when i play, i would be able to jump higher than 22 inches. (current vertical)

Also i want to get faster. I know you have to sprint to get fast but i want to have an organized workout for speed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ,do leg press but instead of pressing, let the weight come down slowly then explode (This simulates jumping) this strengthens the muscles used to jump